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We offer a friendly personal service delivering professional web sites at affordable prices. We won’t try and confuse you with jargon and will give you the best advice on the web site for your business. We can take care of your web site requirements from start to finish. We will design, build and optimise your web pages, then put you online so that all you have to do is let your customers know where to find your brand new website. Whether you’re looking for a very simple website, a CMS (content management system) or an e-commerce website, we can help you get online.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the number of visitors by achieving a high position within search results when relevant keywords are searched for. It is common knowledge that people rarely look past the second or third page of the search results. Optimally you’ll want a first page position or even the first result in the first page.

Things we will do to increase your ranking are:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Website verification
  3. Title and Meta Tags
  4. XML Site map upload
  5. Speed Optimitation
  6. Google places listing
  7. GEO Sitemap

If you need to update or refresh your existing website we can offer fixed price, quick turnaround support. Whether you just need a couple of small changes or a considerable amount of new development we can complete your request within an agreed timescale and without any hidden costs.

We offer 2 types of package: Pay As You Go for those who require a one off update and monthly subscriptions for those who require more frequent content updates.

The smallest problem can drastically reduce the effectiveness of your website. If there are niggling issues or errors that you know you should get fixed, contact us and we will solve your problems quickly and cost-effectively.

Video Services

We can help you make new feature videos, or get your old videos online. These can be anything that your company needs. It might be training videos for your employees, available over the local network, or it could be an online web presenter, allowing you to interact with your users in an all new way.

Corporate videos don’t need to be boring. We have an in-house creative team at your service to maximise interest, whilst making sure that the message is not lost in transmission. Our clients have had great success when using us to create product demonstrations. We are able to produce these and host them directly on your website.

We can advise you how best to use video to enhance your business online, so get in touch now to discuss what services we can tailor to your needs.

We often find companies underestimate the impact of the images on their websites and company literature. Once we point this out they seem to think this is easily correctable. Well, finding the perfect image to convey a message is no easy task… a lot of the time, we have to create these images ourselves in our studio. We think the results speak for themselves as we are able to deliver images that our clients are happy with and perfectly reflect their business’ branding.

Our creative team is built up of talented individuals, many of them with a background in design and animation. This enables us to offer our clients unique ways of conveying messages online. Whether you wish to utilize some e-learning principles or create crisp graphs and charts for your data, our team can put together great applications to give your users a professional and eye-catching impression of your business.

We also love to be underwater!


The creative process is just that – a process – so we welcome the zigs n’ zags, ups n’ downs, and twists n’ turns that are inevitable. We know the best results come from bold ideas, collaboration, and refinement so we live by the motto, “embrace the process”. We enjoy what we do and we want you to too.


We immerse in the world of your business to define it’s characteristics and goals while finding relevant inspiration to contribute. We then organize the information gathered to highlight your major selling points in a visual layout that is easy to digest.


Using the information gathered, we plan the content on your site. This is an essential element to developing a consistent, easy to understand navigational system. The goal is to create a site where the user experience leads the structure and flow of the site.


In the design phase, We bring the visual elements to life through layout, typography, color and photography. Prototypes are created and discussed where the look and feel of the site are explored and determined.


The developmental stage is the point where the web site itself is created. All of the individual graphic elements from the prototype are used to create the actual, functional site. The site will then be tested and launched.


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